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How to Write Fan Fiction Reviews

I know I've been MIA for a while (I guess that is what parenthood does to you!) but we've recently moved back to California and now I'm back to writing again. Over the last year, I put together an eBook called How to Write Fan Fiction and  I'm hoping to recruit a few people to review it either at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. It's all my Fan Fiction writing knowledge (and then some) compiled in one place. It's a pretty quick and easy read.

The book description:
Dreaming of becoming a published author?

Fan Fiction is the perfect way to learn to write fiction. You can start small, easily find your audience, and practice your craft within a supportive community. To become a writer, you must write, and Fan Fiction affords a unique and easy way to get started.

How to Write Fan Fiction is the perfect book for anyone who has ever wanted to write a story, but has no idea where to start. This book takes you through the entire process of writing a story, from start to finish.

You'll learn what mistakes rookie writers make, and how to avoid them. A basic guide to grammar and punctuation is even included for your reference, as well as detailed instructions on how to write both short stories and longer, multi-chapter stories. I even cover how to write a sexy story.

Many of today's published writers started out writing Fan Fiction before going on to successful careers in print. How to Write Fan Fiction helps you to uncover everything you need to know to become a writer.

How to Write Fan Fiction also includes a free downloadable workbook full of all the worksheets you need to write a great story. Instructions for the download are in the book.

I'll provide you with a free review copy in the format of your choice (Kindle, Nook or PDF), just comment here or email me at daphne(dot)dangerlove(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll send it on over to you. Feel free to forward this onto anyone you think might be interested.

Help Haiti

I, along with some other fantastic fan fic authors, have a thread over at help_haiti. Bid on a fic or some betaing and help out a worthy cause. My thread is here.

mingsmommy has a super list of authors offering fics (along with the links to their threads) here. If you have a moment, please check it out.

Writing Resources

I thought I would pass along this link for free online writing courses.  I am sure a few of you have seen it, but in that case it bears repeating.  There is even a class at Purdue on proof reading!  These will definately make it into the next GeekFic writing guide, but it will be awhile before that sees the light of day.

And since I'm posting, I though I'd mention that I am still collecting cards and pictures for the Writer Appreciation Project over at YTDaW.  You can read my post here if you don't know what I'm talking about.  But basically, you can send me a photo of you, your dog, your hometown...whatever, and a message of support for the writers, and I'll put it in a giant book and mail it off on Valentine's Day.  Hopefully we'll be able to use this as a "welome home" gift insted of a "buck up little strikers" gift!


Smut 101: Part 2

This is Part 2 of Smut 101. 

Return to the table of contents.
The entire text is available as a PDF or a Google Doc.

This part contains the following chapters:

Part II: Writing Smut
Words of Wisdom
Do Your Homework
Mind over Mechanics
Making Sex Count
Plotters vs. Pantsers
Rating Your Story
What Will People Think?

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Smut 101: Part 3

This is Part 3 of Smut 101. 

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The entire text is available as a PDF or a
Google Doc.

This part contains the following chapters:

Popping  Your Cherry:  Your First Smut Fic

Sex Info
Writing Resources
Fic Archives & Communities
Recommended Reading

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New Fic

Shameless self promotion...I have a new story at geekfic for the 80s ficathon...


WGA Strike

Please support the WGA strike by not downloading streaming media from the internet. Writers are not compensated for shows you watch online or download (iTunes, Unbox.)

You can find lots more info here, plus things you can do to support the Writers:

And naturally there is stuff going on at YTDAW specifically for CSI fans:



YTDAW is raising money for CASA in Jorja's honor!

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Small steps...

Anyone heard about Blackle.com?

It's a search engine with a black background page instead of a white one.  I just read about it in my new Vegetarian Times...by setting your home page to Blackle instead of a search engine like google, you can save up to 750 mega watt-hours a year.  Every little bit helps!

No Humans Involved.

(Potential vague spoilers for Jorja's situation)

How Jorja Fox and Sara Sidle Changed My LifeCollapse )